If You Are a Mindful Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Struggling With Marketing Overwhelm (Cuz all you want to do is help people.)

Then this May Be the Most Important Thing You  Read Today

 From the Soulful Marketing Desk of Shannon McCaffery


Hi Mindful Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

Do you love the idea of marketing and launching your courses, products, services, or events online? Or do you just want to run for the nearest exit when you think of marketing?

No matter where you are in your journey to market and launch your courses, products, services, or events, there’s loads of information on HOW to do it. 

I mean, there are mountains of courses, books, and information you need to read and listen to to get your business humming along with sales.  

Yet, none of them are hitting the mark and aligning with your mission and values regarding how you want to market your business. They just don't feel authentic or genuine, and you don't want to be an actor.

You just want to be yourself.

 Does any of this sound familiar to you:

  • Making money is not your core reason for your business. You have a mission and vision you want to fulfill.
  • No one out there really ‚Äúgets‚ÄĚ you, and all those inauthentic timers upsells, flashing buy buttons, and other online techniques make you cringe and not want to market anything.
  • You tried using some "so-called" online guru‚Äôs template and copy,¬†and it failed miserably after he/she promised it would work.
  • The thought of spending any more money on more online gurus courses and coaching programs makes you cringe and lock your wallet.
  • You want to do what you do best and¬†invest in a simple, authentic system that gets you and guides you to connect with your mission and values first.
  • You don‚Äôt want another course or program that you still haven't finished, either unopened on your shelf or half-started on your computer.¬†
  • You just aren't resonating with the current way to market your business. You know there's another way that will help you be more authentic, be aligned with your mission and values, yet you just can't seem to find it.
  • You‚Äôre longing for someone to do it for you or, at the very least, to find a simple, proven system that will help you market your courses, products, and services easily.¬†
  • There has to be ANOTHER WAY ‚Äď Please help!

If any of these resonate with you and how you feel, you need to know...

You are not alone, and you're in the right place!

It‚Äôs Not Your Fault ‚Äst

There Is a Simple & More Authentic Way to Market Your Business (that no one really teaches that isn't reliant on social media)

Marketing your courses, products, and services doesn't have to be complicated or feel inauthentic.  Marketing has been around FOREVER. The challenge is learning HOW to market and get the word out about your course, product, or service.

And how to do it consistently, effectively, and authentically in a way that's aligned with your mission and values.  There is a better way to connect and engage with your dream clients/customers easily, authentically, and genuinely.  

After being in online marketing for over 17 years, there's tons of information, books, courses, coaching programs, and more about marketing and creating a successful business.

Yet, what frustrated me was that no one was talking about specifically how to market your courses, products, and services in a more genuine, connected, and authentic way using a proven system.

My passion and purpose in life is to work with like-minded entrepreneurs and help them ensure their marketing and messaging are true to their brand and are coming from their soulful, meaningful place. 

What does marketing in a more soulful way mean?

  • You don't have to use marketing strategies or tactics that aren't aligned with your values to get people to buy from you.
  • Connecting to your dream clients/customers more genuinely and authentically.
  • Living in your business's true purpose will help you connect with like-minded clients and customers and bring more money into your business.
  • Knowing your ultimate mission and values for your business will help you craft all your messaging to reach your dream clients/customers.
  • When you are authentic and in line with your soul‚Äôs purpose (Your passion for being on this planet), magic truly happens.
  • It‚Äôs not about the money. It‚Äôs about serving and making a difference. The money will come.

Yes, of course, you need to make money to take care of yourself and your loved ones and live a fulfilling life.  Money is not evil. It's energy.

A  simple medium of exchange so our daily needs will all be met.   Once you’re connected to your soul’s work and create something of value, you will attract your dream clients/customers.  Then, you will make money and feel good about it because you are serving your dream clients/customers.

When you use soulful marketing, you market with integrity, courage, and connection.  You put passion, heart, vitality, and genius into all that you do.

The critical piece you need to know is there is another simpler and easier way to connect with your dream clients/customers soulfully. There is a system filled with proven techniques and tools that will show how to be more successful in selling and building your business online. 

You might be thinking to yourself that this sounds interesting. But why do I (or would I) need ANOTHER course, book, or system?

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So, Who the Heck am I, and Why Trust me?

I‚Äôm Shannon, and my career in online marketing started when I was laid off again from corporate America in 2006. My mentor came to me and said, ‚ÄúHey Shannon, I just bought this IBA from Dan Kennedy, and I need you to come to Boston and help me start it. If you say yes, I promise I will also help you grow your marketing and coaching business.‚ÄĚ

Well, you can guess what happened, and here I am.

Yet the road was not always paved with gold, and many challenges, both personally and professionally, were thrown my way... Life was good until one day, it wasn't. I was laid off, my house was gone, my 10-year marriage ended, and I found myself coming out and stepping into recovery. Yep, it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

Despite these ups and downs, I learned some crucial lessons ‚Äď my life's challenges weren‚Äôt just obstacles; they were opportunities to grow and transform.

That was when my mission was born...

Attending one event turned the tables, and my life changed. I got to work with big names, learning tons about impactful informational direct response marketing from Dan Kennedy himself and many other 7 figure experts. But here's the rub‚ÄĒthe more I learned, the more I realized that the cutthroat, inauthentic tactics of the online marketing world weren't for me.

They just didn't sit right with my mission, my core values - my soul. And I realized that I didn't want to work with online marketing gurus any longer.  I wanted to take all I had learned and create a new approach to marketing.

My soul's work is helping and guiding mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create meaningful connections with their dream customers, grounded in authenticity and integrity, so they can achieve sustainable growth by consistently standing out in a crowded market and attracting their dream clients.

Then, I realized it was time to share my knowledge with thousands instead of my one-on-one private clients. I believe the ability to create an authentic value-driven online dream client/customer experience and launch a product well shouldn't be limited to just a small number of folks a year. I made it my mission to help more people like you so we can help millions together. 

If I can do this- I KNOW you can too! (With a little help from me :-) 

People, just like you, are frustrated with the state of marketing, having to choose between Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing and not liking either one.

That's why I created a third place for marketing‚ÄĒSoulful Marketing. It's based on marketing with your mission and values first, then connecting and engaging with authenticity so you attract your specific dream clients or customers.

It's about aligning your marketing with your deepest values and missions, creating a genuine connection with your dream clients, making an impact, transforming lives, and, yes, making the money you deserve in the process.

They buy your product, course, or service because of how your mission, purpose, and values make them feel.

When you do this and use your story and core messaging to share your mission, purpose, and values, you don’t need inauthentic tactics based upon false deadlines, fear, or emotional manipulation to invest in your offers...

Marketing doesn't have to feel inauthentic or icky. It needs to be a natural progression of attracting your dream clients by showing them you know their challenges, empathizing with them, and sharing how you care and how you can help them.

Your dream clients are smart and savvy; those old marketing tactics won't work with them anymore.

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Making Money Online
Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Marketing and launching something is NOT all that complicated and doesn't have to be incredibly expensive. It really isn’t.

As entrepreneurs, we can’t help ourselves. It’s in our DNA to try and overcomplicate and give tremendous value.

What you need to know is I'm a marketer. It’s in my blood. In order to make a bigger impact in my craft, I ended up buying EVERY program you’ve heard of and some you probably haven’t. Some had half of what I needed, and some had all but one thing.

I studied it all and decided I had to put together a simple and complete system specifically for the health, wellness, healing, creative, and personal development community. 

I mean, you're not taught this stuff when you start your business. So let me try my best to make it simple so you can do this!

On my first launch, I made a simple $9k, just using what I learned from the courses I bought in 2006.

From that day, I knew I was onto something and wasn't satisfied with just marketing and launching my own products. I had so many folks come up to me at events, wanting to learn the secrets of how to market and launch their books, products, courses, and services online.

They asked for my help, and so I started working with them. I went from little-known artists, real estate agents, financial analysts, online marketers, and then big-name marketers, some I mentioned earlier - Jeff Walker, Lisa Sasevich, Alex Mandossian, Janet Attwood, and Jack Canfield.

The momentum kept building, and the system kept changing and improving with each online dream client/customer experience and launch. It just got better and better. And my clients kept creating success after success.

My clients are living proof that my 7-Step Soulful Marketing System works.

These tools and techniques are proven and simple. They will help you market anything authentically so you connect and stand out from the crowd. And more importantly, you attract your dream clients or customers.

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How to create a truly authentic, value-driven, high-converting online customer experience (aka online marketing funnel) and launch your courses, products, and services. 

By using this proven system I created:

The 7-Step Soulful Marketing

Yes - I Want the System!
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Shout Out - Jack Canfield

"Helped Turn Our New Book Into A Best-Seller!"

"We didn't know the first thing about product launches. What we did know was that we wanted our new book to become a best-seller and we had hoped it would be doing a launch. There are so many people out there who you can hire as a product launch manager and we talked to MANY of them. Shannon came highly recommended to me by several people including Suzanne Evans and Alex Mandossian. Not only did she and her team knock our launch out of the park, but they also created our online course and turned our launch into an evergreen product. I'd totally recommend Shannon to do your next launch, she made it easy with her proven plans, templates, and the fact that she worked with and trained with Jeff Walker, who's the millionaire launch maker."

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach Santa Barbara, CA. & Pamela Bruner, Founder MakeYourSuccessReal.com Charlotte, NC.

The Essence of Learning: Engage with Content That Gets Straight to the Point.

If you¬†like to read and are a take-action person, this is for you. The best part is that it's NOT 12 modules of hours and hours of recorded videos, audios, and transcripts‚ÄĒyou know, the kind you need to take copious notes on, and it's a chore to find what you need when you need it.

I consciously decided to make this a PDF with worksheets. It's so much easier to leaf through a PDF than hours and hours of recorded audio and video. Each step in the PDF has action steps to implement what you've learned immediately. Plus, I have even more tools you can download online for each step. I truly wanted to keep this SIMPLE and boiled down to easy steps you can do on your own.

Some of these courses that teach you how to launch, how to do a webinar, or how to use a marketing funnel will take you MONTHS (or longer) just to get through them. THEN, you still have to do all the work! Talk about complicated?! Sheesh!

These courses appeal to some folks. There’s nothing wrong with all that course material if you have unlimited time and resources to work through it. Yet, I have to be honest. I have bought several courses in business over my 17 years that I haven’t even looked at! Then let's not even talk about HOW MUCH MONEY I've spent on them!

The new normal is compact and not complicated. How can you teach, share, and help someone grow their business in short, simple, and effective ways? Well, you have to get my system to find out!

The truth is -- If you're the kind of person that simply wants the cliff notes, then keep reading, cuz this system is definitely for you.

Read on to find out how I created this shorter, simpler, succinct, and personally dialed-into system that REALLY WORKS!

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Shout Out - Andres Vernazza

"Her understanding of the human mental triggers is amazing..."

Shannon is a very strategic and experienced marketing professional. Her copywriting, launch techniques and her understanding of the human mental triggers are amazing! She helped me get a clear path in the execution of my funnel, and fortunately, it wasn't too late. I highly recommend her to anyone overwhelmed with the planning, execution, and implementation of marketing (or launching) your course, product, and service. She is kind-hearted and invested in my success. 
~ Andres Vernazza, Co-Founder & CEO Inspirechanges.com 


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Yes - I Want the System!

My mission was born…
To help ONE MILLION entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, healing, creative, and personal development fields help multi-millions of people.

Are you going to be one of them?  I want to share with you my proven marketing and launch planning strategies, techniques, and tools to help you market and launch your products, courses, services, and events authentically so that you can reach hundreds of thousands or more…

Are you with me?

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Now is the Time to Create the Online Success You Deserve!

Isn't it time you invest in yourself and this simple, soulful system that will help you connect to your dream client/customer to market and launch anything? Stop struggling and being buried with these huge courses. It's about taking 7 simple steps to create your online marketing success.

YOU CAN DO THIS!  The 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System walks you through creating your next successful online dream client/customer experience (aka marketing funnel) and/or launch.

Get this system now if you:

  • I love to read and don't want to watch hours of videos, listen to audios.
  • Know what the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is, and liked her simple system.
  • Want the best tools to help prepare for your online success
  • Believe and know that you can market and launch anything with the right system.
  • Want to build your list
  • Ready to Identify your dream clients/customers
  • Need to Clarify WHAT it is you're selling
  • Are ready to figure out what the best marketing/launch path is for you (yours could be different than anybody else's)
  • Want to learn how to create an irresistible high-converting offer
  • Want help with creating high converting marketing copy, along with templates
  • Are ready to get some winning testimonials and social proof to get more conversions

Don't get this system if you:

  • Want a quick and easy scheme to market and launch your stuff.
  • Are not willing to do the work to prepare to implement your online customer experience (aka marketing funnel) or your online launch.
  • Are looking for a magic bullet to make money online.
  • Don't resonate with being connected to your soul's purpose - your mission and vision.
  • Don't want to create high-value courses, products, services, and/or events.
  • Just want a get rich quick scheme.
  • Are not a person who will go out on a limb and try new things.
  • Are set in your ways and not open to new ideas.
  • Want to watch or listen to several hours in videos/audio mp3 files.  
  • Don't like to read and take action right away.

Don't Attempt to Create (or do your next) High-Converting Online Customer Experience and Online Launch Until You Get This System :-)

I‚Äėve already spent thousands of dollars, learned from the best minds in the business, done all the hard work, made all the mistakes, and figured out what works (and what doesn‚Äôt). And believe me. I have made some mistakes along the way‚Ķ

There's so much information out there about how to create a successful online business‚ÄĒwhy not learn from¬†someone who's¬†been in the trenches for years and made all the mistakes so you don't have to? :-)

That’s one of the many reasons why I am so careful to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy-to-follow system to help anyone duplicate these results.

This 7-Step Soulful Marketing System was only for my top high-paying clients, who paid $5,000 to spend the day with me to workshop this process.

They hired me to create their online dream client experience (aka funnel) and launch their book, course, product, or service. We spent a day together and walked through this system. We mapped out their whole sequence and launch.

It cut down their launch times and marketing planning in half because we had a plan going into the launch with our core messaging, dream client-defined, their juicy offer, and marketing path. 

This is the exact system that I want to offer to you.  You don't have to figure out all this marketing stuff alone; let me guide you with this system.

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Shout Out - Dan Kennedy

"She Knows Her Stuff When It Comes to Marketing Funnels & Launches"

"Shannon knows her stuff when it comes to using all media, including using her pets to involve readers.  She put out an excellent newsletter, in print, mailed... Plus, I interviewed her on stage at an AWAI consulting workshop because she just won't quit when it comes to helping folks with funnels and launches!"

~ Dan Kennedy, The Millionaire Maker, NoBSInnerCircle.com, Cleveland, OH

Benefits You Will Receive When You Invest in the 7-Step Soulful Marketing System:

  • NO MORE¬†GUESSING¬†what goes into a high converting and proven online customer experience and launching your courses, products, services, or events, you will know exactly how to prepare for it, using my system.¬†
  • Master these 7 steps quickly, and then make them your own. This¬†system will give you all you need to prepare you how to market and launch anything.¬†
  • Discover some of the best ways to really define your dream client/customer (Step 1), with actual examples of surveys and questions to ask before you create a product that they don‚Äôt want.
  • My insider secret on how to price your course, product, service,¬†or event that not only helps you increase your sales it also shows you exactly how you can pick the best method to market and launch it.
  • Define your exact course, product, service, or event using my cheat sheet. Finally, no more guessing what format to use, what bonuses to add, and how to deliver it.
  • Explore¬†how much money you will make or how much you need to invest in your launch¬†-¬†¬†I am giving you the Launch Profitability calculator. Simply fill in the info and press enter, and you will get all the numbers you need‚Ķ
  • Discover the best marketing/launch path for you. If you're not sure, or maybe you're confused about what marketing/launch path to take¬†-¬†You will get¬†my handy dandy pricing chart that will give you the insider scoop on how your product's pricing directly correlates¬†with HOW you¬†decide on your marketing/launch path.
  • Master your messaging (aka copy)!¬† If you need help with your messaging¬†-¬†You will get the top objections, mental triggers, and sales letter checklist to help you with your copy.
  • And much more!

Shout Out - Janet Attwood

"She's an Expert at How to Soulfully Launch Anything!"

"My team and I were in the middle of creating several courses and doing some rebranding when Shannon came out to help us update some launches and launch some new programs.  She was excellent at keeping the team to task, juggling many time zones. Always a smile and a terrific attitude. She loves her work! Plus, she was so good at keeping our marketing authentic and ensuring it always resonated with my soul's work."

~ Janet Bray Attwood is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, and Your Hidden Riches. 

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YES, I Want My Soulful Marketing & Launch System!

In the Proven 7-Step Soulful Marketing System -
 You Will Receive…

1. The 7-Step Soulful Marketing Planner (Value $549)

  • This eGuide is your proven blueprint to help you plan your next launch. Leave nothing to chance. Use this proven system to help you create a successful high converting online customer experience and online launch
  • These are THE EXACT Steps I walk all my private clients through to plan their online customer experiences and launches.

2. Complete To-Do List of ALL You Need to Create Your Online Dream Client/Customer Experience & Your 4 Video Launch (Value $497)

  • This is the to-do list I use for all my Online customer experiences and launches. Not only does it have all the copy you need, but it also has all the tech, and¬†who're responsible, deadlines, and more.¬† I have included¬†two of them -¬†One is for launching a free offer to a webinar. The second is for a¬†four video launch of a product.¬†

3. The "12 Emotional Triggers" Cheat Sheet (Value $197) & The Top Objections of Why People Won't Buy (Value $197)

  • These are proven triggers that¬†will help you increase your conversions and get people to buy. This is the gold standard of copywriting to convert/sell, and takes Robert Cialdini's book Influence and puts in an easy to use format for your copy.¬†
  • These objections are culminated from over 20 years of working in marketing. These will help you address these objections in all your marketing and launch copy.

4. Proven Road Maps of 3 Different Marketing & Launch Paths (Value $329)

  • These are proven online dream client/customer experiences (aka marketing funnels) that will¬†help you map out which path is right for you.
  • These maps will give you the whole process, you can see how it works AND all the pieces you need to create one for yourself.¬†

5. Prelaunch & Launch Calendar (Value $197)

  • This is an actual prelaunch and launch calendar that I use for my launches. I¬†will give you a proven timeline for creating your videos, pages, and emails.

6. Testimonial Templates that really work!  (Value $97) 

  • Use these to add to your social proof portfolio to ensure you‚Äôre getting the best testimonials (and don‚Äôt call them that!) for your course, product,¬†service, or event.

7. The Best 212 Headline Examples & HOW to Write a High Converting Headline  (Value $197) 

  • Not only do you get the top 212 headlines of all time, you also get a template on how to create your own high converting headline.

8. Real-World Examples (Taken from my swipe file.) of High Converting Juicy Offers and Your Very Own Soulful Bonus Idea Generator (Value $299)  

  • I went through my swipe files and pulled out the best high converting offers that have performed incredibly well online. Then¬†I put them into a PDF for your perusal. Plus, you get your very own Bonus Idea Generator to help you jumpstart your ideas when you ask - "What can I give as a bonus??"

9. The Top 6 Copywriting Formulas of All Time (Value $297) 

  • It's hard to find one copywriting formula, much less 6 of them all in one document. You can choose from the best of the best in copywriting formulas to use to help you create high converting direct response copy that all the best copywriters use.

10. The 9 Must-Have Tools For Success  (Value $99) 

  • These are THE BEST tech tools I use to plan out my clients 6 and 7 figure online customer experiences and launches. Knowing what the experts use will help you be way more productive, efficient and help you create so much more success in your business - saving time and money!

11. The 3 Proven Survey Templates (Testing New Product Ideas, Defining Your Dream Client/Customer's Core Business & Defining Their Frustrations) that you can use for your list (Value $497) 

  • In my former life, I was a Market Researcher. I used surveys ALL the time. So I collected and used thousands of questions that worked. Before you create your course, product, service, or event, use one or more of these to help you craft a survey to get the best data from your list.

And much more - Scroll to Check Out the BONUSES Below!

Yes, I Want the System!

Shout Out - Lara Riggio

"Proven Results With Way Less Time & Effort!"

"Working with Shannon has been an incredibly valuable investment. She’s taken the guesswork out of marketing and product launches for me, making all of my efforts in these areas way more profitable and efficient than ever before!

The way she sits down with you and creates your launch plan is invaluable. 

Her knowledge of customer online experience has stopped us from making some pretty big mistakes getting and keeping our online customers. She showed me that it makes much more sense to hire someone like her. She's a marketing and launch genius.

I've seen tremendous growth since working with her and using her proven strategies, templates, and techniques.

It's created greater success, saved me time and way less effort- money well spent." 

Lara Riggio, Energy Healer & Founder TheLaraTouch.com NY, NY.

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REGISTER NOW And Get These Bonuses For FREE! 

Quick Start Guide: (Value $199) 
No matter WHERE you are in your online journey, this Quick Start Guide will help you get started with this system quickly. Use this as your guide to walk you through this whole system. It will help you be incredibly more productive.

2 Action Sheets: (Value $197) 
- 30 Day Action Sheet to Make Money Now
- 30 Day Action Sheet to Market & Launch Anything
I created these action sheets for you to use to help you make money now and keep you on track with your marketing and launch. Plus, these sheets will help you stay on track each month with your goals, strategies, and tactics. This way, you will get more done and be incredibly more productive.

Product Launch Profit Example (Value $297)
This is an actual example that I created for a client. It walks you through your expenses for doing a high 5 - 6 figure launch. Plus, it walks you through examples of products, with numbers, and how much money could make on a launch.

Complete Checklists for Your: (Value $499)
- Sales Page Copy
- Landing Page
- Offer
- Technology
- Affiliates
These are checklists I created to help me before ANY launch.  They cover all of the important areas of preparing for your launch, including technology, affiliates.  These are my go-to sheets when planning my next launch.

Soulfully Clarifying Your Course/Product (Value $59)
If you're still on the fence about what you want to sell, this PDF will give you a tremendous amount of insight and help you nail down your idea. 

Complete References & Resources List (Value Priceless)
Almost NO ONE does this, AND that’s exactly why I will. I really want you to succeed. So I've put together a VERY comprehensive and complete list of all the books and resources that I have used to help my clients create money-making successful online customer experiences and launches.

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Shout Out - Debbie Phillips
"Shannon's Simply a Whiz When Creating Successful Proven Online Funnels & Launches" 

I’ve known Shannon for over 20 years, and in fact, I was her first Executive Coach. I loved working with her through all her career and life transitions.

She was always so dedicated, enthusiastic, and such a voracious learner. It was really a privilege of being her coach.

So that’s why when I started my company- Women On Fire, I knew I had to hire her to help me. She’s simply a whiz when it comes to creating online marketing funnels and launches that get at the heart of your prospects. Plus,  all her wisdom on how to create a successful business online and offline.

She’s the real thing when it comes to creating online marketing funnels and successful product launches. Don’t hesitate to work with her. Give her a call, as I did!

Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women On Fire-  Inspiration, Strategies and Support, West Tisbury, MA.

Here’s a Summary of Everything You Will Get

Check Out The Value!

  • The 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch Planner¬†¬†(Value $549)
  • Complete To-Do List to Create Your Online Dream Client/Customer Experience (Value $497)
  • The "12 Emotional Triggers" Cheat Sheet (Value $197) & The Top Objections of Why People Won't Buy (Value $197)
  • Proven Roadmaps of 3 Different Marketing & Launch Paths (Value $329)
  • Prelaunch & Launch Calendar (Value $197)
  • Testimonial Templates that Really Work (Value $97)
  • The Best 212 Headline Examples & How to Write High Converting Headlines (Value $197)
  • Real-World Examples of High Converting Juicy Offers & Your Very Own Soulful Bonus Idea Generator (Value $299)
  • The Top 6 Copywriting Formulas of All Time (Value $297)
  • The 9 Must-Have Tools For Success (Value $99)
  • The 4 Proven Survey Templates to Test Out New Ideas, Pricing, etc. (Value $497)¬†


  • FREE BONUS #1 -¬†Quick Start Guide (Value $199)
  • FREE BONUS #2¬†-Two Action Sheets to Get Stuff Done in the Next 30 Days (Value $197)
  • FREE BONUS #3 - Product Launch Profit Example (Value $297)
  • FREE BONUS #4 -¬†Launch Checklists ($499 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #5 -¬†Soulfully Clarifying Your Course/Product (Value $59)¬†
  • FREE BONUS #6 -¬†Complete References & Resources List¬†(Value Priceless)¬†

Total Value: Over $4,056! 

Yes, I Want the System!

at the Special Time-Sensitive Rate of
$97 (a 96% Savings :-)

I know, I know, this is a crazy low price, filled with tons of value! 

Why am I offering a program worth much more than $97?

That's easy because I want to be aligned with my mission to help millions of mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you. To do that, this system needs to be accessible to a lot more people. And at this low price, it is. 

I can't work with everyone. Yet, I can reach you and a lot more entrepreneurs with this system.

That's it.

I'm being fully transparent here. 

So, for now, you can get this proven system for only $97.

Whether you decide to invest in yourself by getting this system or decide it's not for you, promise me you will do something to invest in your business and propel it forward.

The bottom line is you have a gift, and the world needs you. :-)

Shout out - "Shannon IS priceless!"

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the men and women who (create and) implement them are priceless.” That’s Shannon McCaffery.  She IS priceless.  Shannon did an incredible job in creating and helping implement my sales and marketing plans. She saved me time, money and, most importantly, helped me get results. Shannon completed my project on budget and on time, and the results were fabulous.  I exceeded my goal, and in the process, I found 3 new individual clients and a new corporate client! 

~ Andrea Dowding, Executive Vice President Sales, Merchandising and Marketing at Thirty-One Gifts, Columbus Ohio

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There is Absolutely No Risk to You!
You have a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Say YES today. Use the system, and within 30 days,  if you're not completely satisfied,  I will refund your investment. 

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So Are You Ready to Use This Simple, Proven System to Create Your Soulful Online Dream Client/Customer Experience and/or Launch Plan?

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This system will save you thousands of hours planning and implementing your online dream client/customer experience (aka marketing funnel) and/or online launch. Plus, it will help you:
  • Connect to your soul's purpose so reach your dream client/customer
  • Infuse your core mission and vision in all your messaging
  • increase your options and sales conversions
  • Create an incredibly successful online business

This is it - your chance to leverage this system to achieve your online business goals.

Imagine... finally being able to move forward with your online business with these simple, soulful tools at your fingertips.

Success will be yours without watching hours and hours of audio and video.

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Here's to Your Soulful Success!


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Shannon McCaffery

P.S.¬† Imagine yourself six months from now. Have you created an online dream client/customer experience that's getting you more prospects and business than you've ever dreamed possible? Or are you still struggling with mediocre results‚ÄĒyou know, doing the same thing you've always done and getting¬†those same lackluster results?

Stop painfully grinding it out all on your own. Creating a successful online business doesn't have to be painful. When you have the right system and use soulful marketing to get new clients/customers, you will help more people and create a better life for you and your loved ones. 

You know what to do to get started. 

P.S. This is introductory pricing. No, this isn't a marketing tactic - promise. This introductory price for my 7-Step Soulful Marketing System won't be this low again.  So, if you want to invest at this low price, I'm looking forward to guiding you.

Yes, I Want the System!

Get the guidance you deserve in creating your marketing and messaging aligned with your mission and values.
It will help transform your business with a more high-converting, successful online dream client or customer experience now!

Yes, I Want the System!
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