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What Exactly Is Soulful Marketing?

It was in 2000 that my whole life just kind of blew up. That was the year I had so many plans and the year we thought the world would collapse with the ending of the 1900s.
I could write a book about that experience! That year was when my marriage had ended; I fell in love with my best friend and came out to my family. Then the house I was renting was for sale, right after I was laid off from my job. That was over 20 years ago - wow.

From that experience, I could choose whether to grow or die. I choose to grow as painful as it was. In that growth, I started my own business and created a whole new life for myself. It was definitely a soulful journey. 

What Soulful Marketing is - it's a mindset. A way to help you connect to your higher self, your higher purpose, and create a bigger mission and vision of the future for you and your clients. No more guessing or copying whatever folks have done. We get to the core of your true talents, gifts, stories, and we infuse that in all of your marketing. 

Who is Shannon McCaffery?

She is the best-kept secret in online marketing and known as the Soulful Marketer! And she's the architect behind many well-known marketing products, campaigns, and product launches. She’s worked with some of the country’s top online marketers and entrepreneurs including:
Jack Canfield, Leeza Gibbons, Janet Bray Attwood, Jeff Walker, Dr. Perlmutter, Dan Kennedy, Lisa Sasevich, and many more. And, she wants to help you!

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