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Some of Soulful Marketing's Current & Previous Clients

Do You Resonate With Any of These Frustrations?

  • Your business has been online for a couple of years, and you've bought a course (or courses, training, etc.) from one of the "online marketing gurus" that just left you feeling frustrated and upset because that way of marketing just doesn't feel right.
  • All the marketing online you've come across is a bunch of supposed influencers or gurus jumping up and down and doing this "hype" type of marketing, and you just don't see yourself doing that ever, no matter how much money you want to make.
  • You're afraid that you won't ever make enough money to support yourself, your family, and your lifestyle because you can't "stoop" that low to using all those fake online and somewhat slimy tactics.
  • You've searched and searched and haven't found an expert that will show you a way to market that's unique to you, where you can simply be yourself...
  • At least once a week (or more), you think about how you can create the business of your dreams without using icky tips and tactics, longing for a more authentic way to market your business and make a more significant impact in the world - YOUR WAY.

If any of the above challenges resonated with you, then you are definitely in the right place. I've been waiting for you and am so thrilled you're finally here because I need to share this - THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS - YOUR WAY - PROMISE!

And I want to show you how.

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Hi, it's Shannon. I want to connect with you and share some of the core insider strategies I learned from working with some of the greatest minds in online marketing. Downloading this Free 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System Core Planner will help you market and launch anything soulfully, authentically, and with integrity. It will give you the basics of how you need to market your business.

These are the exact steps I've taken my clients through that have made them millions of dollars. And I know it's NOT all about money. 

Yet, I need to say that so you have some confidence and proof that what I want to give you for free is something that's proven and works. 

The 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System Core Planner Will: 

  • Give you over 20+ Pro-Level Strategies you can implement right now to plan out your next course, product, book, or event launch and your Online Dream Client Experience (some call them funnels).
  • Show you the core PLAN that will help you for your next launch or Online Dream Client Experience.
  • Share the essential and straightforward steps that will result in higher impact, conversions, and sales with your courses, products,  services, or events.

What Exactly Is Soulful Marketing?

It was in 2000 that my whole life just blew up. That year was when my marriage had ended; I fell in love with my best friend and came out to my family. Then, the house I was renting was for sale right after I was laid off from my job. 

From that experience, the decision was to grow or die. I chose to grow as painful as it was. And I couldn't have done it without all the health, wellness, healers, coaches, therapists, and more. Without their help and guidance, I wouldn't be here today. That's when I decided to create a business to help mindful entrepreneurs just like you reach thousands of more people. I started my business and created a whole new life for myself. It was definitely a soulful journey. I want to help you make a greater impact and to grow your business exponentially.

Soulful Marketing is another way for you to market your business. You don't have to use all the inflated, inauthentic manipulation, gimmicks, and jargon to build and create a successful business.

The goal of Soulful Marketing is to help you market and get the word out about your business - YOUR WAY, NOT someone else's. I show you how you can be incredibly effective in building and increasing your business with marketing that's geared toward your mission and values—Staying true to you! Let me help guide you to create a successful business using the Soulful Marketing principles that fit into your business.

Who is Shannon McCaffery?

I really am a humble and authentic person (and I love my pups). Yet, I am the best-kept secret in Online marketing and known as the Soulful Marketer. As one of my mentors said to me - "it's not bragging if it's true." :-)

Plus, I've been the architect behind many well-known marketing products, campaigns, and launches
Some of the clients I've worked with are the country’s top online marketers and entrepreneurs, including:
Jack Canfield, Leeza Gibbons, Janet Bray Attwood, Jeff Walker, Dr. Perlmutter, Dan Kennedy, Lisa Sasevich, and many more.

And the most important thing is I'm here for you. I've got your back and want to help you. Reach out to me by email below, or get my 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch Core Planner, where I can share with you some of my best strategies for marketing your business your way, no copying from anyone else. It's time for you to simply and soulfully be YOU!

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