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Check Out What Some of My Clients Have to Say About Our Work Together!

"Helped Turn Our New Book Into A Best-Seller!"

We didn't know the first thing about product launches. We did know that we wanted our new book to become a best-seller, and we had hoped it would be doing a launch. There are so many people out there who you can hire as a product launch manager, and we talked to MANY of them. Shannon was highly recommended to me by several people, including Suzanne Evans and Alex Mandossian. Not only did she and her team knock our launch out of the park, they also created our online course and turned our launch into an evergreen product. I'd totally recommend Shannon to do your next launch. She made it easy with her proven plans, templates, and the fact that she worked with and trained with Jeff Walker, who's the millionaire launch maker.

~ Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach Santa Barbara, CA. & Pamela Bruner, Founder Charlotte, NC.

Shannon Knows Her Stuff!

I met Shannon when she worked for Glazer Kennedy Insider's Circle. I was a keynote speaker, and she was running the meeting and took such terrific care of me. We hit it off so well. I hired her to help me create a funnel and take advantage of my list. She knows her stuff, so like no one else online!

~ Leeza Gibbons, Emmy Award-winning on-camera host, instrumental advocate for healthcare, wellness, and caregiving.

"She's an Expert at How to Soulfully Launch Anything!"

My team and I were in the middle of creating several courses and doing some rebranding when Shannon came out to help us update some launches and launch some new programs.  She was excellent at keeping the team to task, juggling many time zones. Always a smile and a terrific attitude. She loves her work! Plus, she was so good at keeping our marketing authentic and ensuring it always resonated with my soul's work.

~ Janet Bray Attwood is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Passion Test-The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose,” and “Your Hidden Riches. 

"She'll Show You Exactly What You Need to do..."

I worked with her when I created my Product Launch Manager program, which I've since put on the back burner. She's excellent at managing projects and strategic online marketing.  And I a little known fact - I use a ton of surveys in my business, and it’s worked like gangbusters. My prospects and clients have really guided me on what they want and don’t want. And using this information has helped create an amazing business for me. I know Shannon and have worked with her. She’ll show you exactly what you need to do with her system to help you supercharge your business.”
~ Jeff Walker, Product Launch Formula Creator &Author of Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online... Durango, CO.

"She's a Rockstar When It Comes to Marketing Funnels & Launches"

Shannon knows her stuff when it comes to using all media, including using her pets to involve readers.  She put out an excellent newsletter, in print, mailed... Plus, I interviewed her on stage at an AWAI consulting workshop because she just won't quit when it comes to helping folks with funnels and launches!

~ Dan Kennedy, The Millionaire Maker,, Cleveland, OH

"Created Over $40k to the Bottom Line of Each Our Events!"

Harv Eker (author Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) and I created this unique course called Ultimate Internet Boot Camp, where we trained over 6k people on how to create their own money-making websites. It was one of the most popular courses. In the first year, we looked for a marketing and operations person to help take us to the next level.

That's when I was introduced to Shannon at a GKIC event, and we hit it off. I put her through my very rigorous consulting hiring process, and she passed with flying colors. She worked with us for over 2 years, helping us grow the business to 7 plus figures. She has many talents, including building successful teams, managing several projects simultaneously, and managing large events. She knows her marketing to get butts in seats. And she's an ace at upselling and maximizing events. Her VIP strategy added more than $40k to our bottom line. She's the real deal.

​~ Alex Mandossian, CEO San Francisco, CA


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