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Want some help with your launch or marketing your business? I was interviewed on several podcasts and shared the stage with Dan Kennedy. Check out the links below that will help you grow your business!

Shattering The Mold Podcast With Andrew S. Kaplan. Episode 87 - Launches & The Law of Attraction

Andrew and I had a fantastic time talking about the law of attraction, launches, dogs, the Best Friends non profit and so much more. Check out our conversation. I think you're gonna love it!

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TCC (The Copywriters Club) Podcast #124 - Kira Hug & Rob Marsh Interviewed me About Launches.

Check Out My Interview Where I Give Away My Best Stuff!

The amazing and inspiring Kira Hug and Rob Marsh had me on their podcast to share all I know about launches. I've been doing them a LONG time, and I was happy to give them my best stuff.

Their audience is copywriters who want to grow their businesses, and launches can be a big part.

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What's The Secret Podcast - Tom Gaddis - In this Podcast, I Give Away My 7 Steps to a Successful Launch.

What fun Tom and I had on his podcast. I love his premise about giving away secrets! Here's what I talked about:

  • 7 steps of Shannon’s Soulful Launch System
  • The secret to offering bonuses
  • Common marketer mistakes
  • Why your launch needs a theme
  • How to create trust

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Decide to Move Podcast - Monica M. Bijou and I talk about How to Market & Launch Your Products During COVID-19 Pandemic.

I love Monica's style, and here we talk about some terrific strategies you can use in ANY economy. This one just happened to be focused on the pandemic. I give away 5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business.

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Making Excellent Decisions with Robert MacPhee - We Talked About What it Means to Be a Soulful Marketer.

Robert and I have been friends and colleagues ever since we met when we worked with Alex Mandossian and T. Harv Eker. He has a terrific podcast where we connected on the challenges of the pandemic and what it means to really soulfully connect with your audience, and what it means to be a soulful marketer in 2020.

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On Stage With Dan Kennedy Talking About How I Created a Successful Consulting Business.

This is an audio where you can listen to Dan interviewing me about how I created a successful consulting business. This was at the Business of Copywriting event in Cleveland. 

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Power Up Your Business, Beauty, and Life - Shalini Vadhere and Yours Truly

Shalini Vadhera, Global Beauty Authority, Award-Winning 3x Serial Entrepreneur, and Best Selling Author Passport To Beauty and I sat down for a quick chat on some marketing tips and how to create more success in your life. 

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Interviewed on OpportunityThon - And Gave Away Some More Secrets to Surviving During the Pandemic - How to Be More Soulful and Connected.

Rachel Sharper interviewed me on Ken Krell's Opportunitython. We talked about connections, relationships, how to get clients, and more revenue during the pandemic.

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