Get Help With Marketing Your Business!

If You're an Entrepreneur, or Business Owner in the Health, Wellness, Healing, Personal Development & Creative areas - I Want to Help You:

Creating Your Marketing Roadmap

Pilots don't fly planes without a map. So, why would you run a business without a Marketing Road Map?

This is where we work together to create a proven, winning marketing plan. It will be your roadmap to create a successful business both online and offline. 


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Launching New Products/Services

Launching New Products/Services- Need help launching your products, courses, membership or services?

Why not hire someone who has over 12 years of experience managing, and running launches.

No need to have all the pain, wasted money and stress of doing launches yourself. I'm an expert in putting together product launches.

I was trained by the best Product Launch Expert out there- Jeff Walker- I even worked with him and am a certified Product Launch Manager (a program that I helped him develop and implement)!

With all my experience, I can guide you through the painless process of launching and help you create all the profits that you deserve.

Creating Your Profitable Online Marketing Funnel-

Most every business has a website-- the key question is-- are you maximizing your website to create more profitable and passive income for your business?

In order to truly maximize your website, you need to create an Online Marketing Funnel- this is what I Do! It's not just about creating a newsletter form and getting people to get on your list- that's for C players.

What you want to do is create an irresistible free thing (which I call a lead magnet) to get them to give you their email address. 

Here are the steps: 
Step 1 – Create a Lead Magnet – An offer of a free thing that’s irresistible, like an eGuide, video, audio, mindmap, infographic, etc. Something that attracts your ideal customer/client and that they are willing to trade their email address to get it.

Step 2- Upsell on Thank You Page - On the thank you page you immediately upsell them into a low-priced product, which could be an eBook, eGuide, infographic, Mp3, video, etc.

Step 3- Communicate with Email Consistently- Send them emails that are filled with valuable content as well as upsell them into your main core product/service.

Step 4 - Upsell them into your backend upsell product or service (which I call your high-end offer). This is a high paying course, or service like coaching program, mastermind, or a combination of an online course and live coaching, etc.

The whole goal of your site is to get your cold traffic from free to getting them into your high paying product/service. THIS is how you maximize your website and create passive REAL income for yourself.

AND, this is exactly what I know how to do for you by using proven processes, technology, templates, and copy. If you're interested just send me an email-

Strategic Marketing, Business, Vision Coaching

I'm a certified coach and love helping incredible, passionate entrepreneurs create a more successful business for themselves and the people they serve. I can coach you on any of the areas above, or I'm happy to coach you on anything you need help or support within your business, your marketing, and your life. Sometimes we just need a mind reset along with some help in your marketing.

Are You My Ideal Client?

I Know this might be a little out of the ordinary... Please play with me here... :-)

I'd LOVE to work with every one of you out there, truly because I know a rising tide floats all boats and we all have a passion and will change many lives. I can help your business by:

  • Launching your products, courses, membership or services
  • Creating your proven online marketing funnels
  • Surveying your list to ensure you're delivering what they want- No More Guessing!
  • Creating your marketing roadmap
  • Strategic marketing and launch coaching

The reality is that I have a specific ideal client that I work with and a limited bandwidth.

So the big question is----
Are You My Ideal Client?

​Answer Yes or No to These Questions:

  1. Do you see yourself as a Soulful Entrepreneur?
  2. Do you have a spiritual practice?
  3. Are you a relationship 1st and money 2nd person
  4. Will you do whatever it takes to be successful (only "whining" will be from a bottle! ;-)
  5. Are you dedicated to creating and maintaining a successful soulful business?
  6. Do you treat others with kindness, love, compassion, and understanding? (Including the postman/woman and the checkout cashier?)
  7. Are you creative, and see yourself as someone who will help make a the difference in many people's lives?
  8. Are you wicked smart, have a sense of humor, and passionate about your work and what you do?
  9. Do you have integrity, speak your mind and not afraid to take risks?
  10. Do you know and practice that life is not all about work and that we need to play and take care of ourselves too?
  11. Are you coachable, and willing to have a beginner's mind?

Well if you answered yes to 7 or more of these questions-- then READ ON!

PLEASE connect with me-- I want to give you:

A free 30-minute Strategic Marketing Consultation- I want to give you tremendous value and give you things you can take action on right now to help you create more income and customers.

Click here to connect with me so we can set up some time to talk!


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