If You're Struggling with the Soulless Marketing & Business Dilemma:

You embarked on your entrepreneurial journey not just to create a business—to ignite change to make a difference in the world through your unique mission and vision. As you delve deeper into the world of marketing, you find yourself lost in a maze of tactics and strategies that feel... soulless

Let's Make Sure We Are In Alignment

 I'd LOVE to work with every one of you out there, truly, because I know a rising tide floats all boats, and we all have a passion and will change many lives...

Please Answer Yes or No to These Questions:

  1. Do you see yourself as a Soulful Entrepreneur?
  2. Do you have a soulful practice?
  3. Are you ia relationship 1st and money 2nd person?
  4. Will you do whatever it takes to be successful? (only "whining" will be from a bottle! ;-)
  5. Are you dedicated to creating and maintaining a successful business?
  6. Do you treat others with kindness, love, compassion, and understanding? (Including the postman/woman and the checkout cashier?)
  7. Do you see yourself as someone who will help make a difference in many people's lives?
  8. Are you wicked smart, have a sense of humor, and are passionate about your work and what you do?
  9. Do you have integrity, speak your mind, and are not afraid to take risks?
  10. Do you know and practice that life is not all about work and that we need to play and take care of ourselves too?
  11. Are you coachable and willing to have a beginner's mind?

If you answered YES to 7 or more of these questions - We are definitely in Alignment.

Here are Some Ways I Will Guide and Help Your Business: 

  • Ensuring your business is aligned with your mission and values.
  • Creating a successful launch of your courses, products, services, or more using authenticity and integrity to achieve sustainable growth while being unique and standing out from the crowd.
  • Helping you build your business filled with your dream clients using authenticity, connection, and engagement.
  • Using proven research to ensure you're connecting with your dream clients' mass desires, struggles, and frustrations to create more success and sales.

When You’re Ready To Step Into Your Soulful Marketing Journey—Choose Below:

  1. Love Books Like I Do? - I'm always reviewing the best nonfiction books - Where Buddha Meets Business.
  2. Book A Complimentary 60-minute Brainstorm Your Business Call Here: I can help you walk through these steps to create your Soulful Manifesto. 
  3. Check out The 7-Step Soulful Marketing System, All my work is based on this system. I’d highly recommend it to guide you to create a more impactful marketing system that will attract your dream clients and create more success for your business.  
  4. Send Me An Email to My Private Email Address and tell me how I can help guide you: 
  5. Let’s Connect: Reach Out on Social: LinkedIn    Facebook    Instagram 

Work With Me & Let Me Help YOU:

Creating Your Authenticity Marketing Roadmap

Pilots don't fly planes without a map. So, why would you run a business without an Authenticity Marketing Road Map?

This is where we work together to create a proven, winning marketing plan. It will be your roadmap to create a successful business grounded in authenticity, integrity, and connection with your dream clients.

Want Help Getting Your Courses, Products, or Services Out Into The World?

Work with me to help you create a successful business using the Marketing Path that's best for you. There are many marketing tactics out there that just don't have long-term success.

We will work together to look at your strengths and decide on the best way for you to market your products, courses, and or services. 

I use all I've learned from working with online marketing experts - Dan Kennedy, Dave Dee, Jeff Walker, Alex Mandossian, Jack Canfield, and more. 

Then I put them through my system and our work together to create authentic, engaging, connected marketing that's rooted in your mission and values and will create sustainable growth for your business.

Creating Your Unique Online Dream Client or Customer Experience-

If you have a website, is it optimized for authenticity, integrity, and personal connection?

Your site needs to be working harder than you do. Let's work together to ensure your core messaging is rooted in your values and your dream clients' mass desires, frustrations, and struggles. 

The best way to create these experiences starts with aligning your mission and values with your business. Then we walk through to ensure you're core messaging is attracting your dream client or customer. Then we work on your offer, and then we find the best marketing path for you and create your map. (See the graphic.)


Strategic Marketing, Business, Vision Coaching

I'm a certified coach and love helping incredible, passionate, mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs create more successful businesses for themselves and the people they serve.

I can coach you in any of the areas above, or I'm happy to coach you on anything you need help or support within your business, marketing, and life. Sometimes we need a mind reset along with some help in our marketing.


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