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Here's How a Gay, Purpose-Driven, Soulful Marketing Coach and Consultant In Recovery Will Guide You to Create Authenticity & Value-Driven Marketing to Create Success In Your Business

This is my Velcro wet dog Emma and me hanging out in our natural habitat, doing what we do best—hiking in nature in all kinds of weather. (And she's the one who swims in brrrr weather, not me!)

Who is Shannon McCaffery & What Is Soulful Marketing? 

My company began from my spiritual quest, my journey to find more to marketing than just selling something... It's really about serving, supporting, and helping to make a difference in people's lives, whether through a book, a video, a course, a live event, or a service offered.  There are many ways to passionately give and help support others who want to change, improve, and better their lives.

My story at a glance- I always thought I'd be a lifer, working at the same company until I retired. That's what everyone else did, so that's what I thought would be best.

As life would have it, things didn't quite turn out how I'd planned. Being in the publishing world in the '80s, & 90's they were buying and selling each other like no tomorrow. I went through so many mergers my head was spinning. Until the last one, I decided to stop the madness and start my own business. I was inspired by my mentor, who encouraged me and said he would help me.  So, that's where my real entrepreneurial roots began.  

I've had my business for over 17 years and love flexibility and creativity. Through these years, I've really grown and focused more on what I was really passionate about- and that's learning-- I'm a voracious reader and learner.  In fact - take a look at one of my passion projects: BooksYouGottaRead.

Soulful Quest - The Deeper Rooted Story:

Fresh out of college, I dove into the world of sales and marketing, spending two decades mastering the ropes. Life was good until one day, it wasn't. I was laid off, my house was gone, my 10-year marriage ended, and I found myself coming out and stepping into recovery. Yep, it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

Despite these ups and downs, I learned some crucial lessons – my life's challenges weren’t just obstacles; they were lessons and huge opportunities to grow and transform.

All the while dealing with my personal stuff, my business was shifting and changing too…

I wanted something more fulfilling in my life that could add to my marketing, coaching, and consulting business.  I began my own soulful, spiritual journey- attending inspiring workshops with Marianne Williamson (and even meditating with her one on one- simply amazing), Pema Chodron, Elizabeth Lesser (Co-Founder of Omega Institute), Thich Nhat Hanh, Paul Selig (author of I Am The Word), Abraham (Esther Hicks), Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Christine Warren and many, many other inspiring, spiritual teachers. I've attended workshops at Omega Institute, Kripalu, and Esalen.

I Mainly Work With...

This is why I mainly work with mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners. 

One of my gifts is working with clients to help them connect to their business's greater mission and vision and who they serve. In my experience, if you're not soulfully connected to your business's mission, vision, and values, it will have lackluster results, and I have seen it repeatedly. One of the big reasons launches fail is that disconnect. 

Marketing is changing. If you want to reach more people and be incredibly successful, your business has to have a deeper, more authentic, value-driven, and more connected brand image. It needs to show up in your marketing and messaging. Think of companies like Apple, Bombas, Tesla, Passion Planner, and Disney.  Marketing is really about values.  All these companies live and breathe them. Plus, they all have a clear mission and vision to give back, inspire, and change the world in some big way. We all need to think and be more like that. And it needs to show in our story, our marketing, and our messaging. 

I specialize in working with mindful and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create value-driven marketing. We look at the whole business using my proven 7-Step Soulful Marketing System that I created from my over 17 years in marketing. This system works best for authentic and value-driven marketing. It's based on all the core concepts to create this marketing, including focusing on aligning your mission and values, defining your dream clients, offers, and what marketing path to take (it's definitely not about tactics. They honestly aren't a long-term strategy.) and crafting your compelling messages, and more.

Some of the countless entrepreneurs and companies I've helped include Dr. Perlmutter, Dan Kennedy, Leeza Gibbons, Janet Attwood, Trudog.com, Lisa Sasevich, Jack Canfield, Andrew Lock, Alex Mandossian, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker, and more. Check out this page for some specifics!

Why Soulful Marketing?

For the majority of my 17-year entrepreneurial journey, I've worked with many top online marketers and learned a ton.

Then, I was lucky enough to work with Dan Kennedy (Known as the millionaire maker.), learning even more about how to create sustainable, impactful marketing.

It was big money, dealing with big markets, and incredibly stressful. After working for several seven and eight figure out info-marketing entrepreneurs to build their businesses, I needed to refocus.

I realized working with them was not in line anymore with my mission and values. What also frustrated me the most was the tactics they used. That type of marketing was getting to be too emotionally manipulative and felt false and not authentic. I realized I simply didn't want to work with online marketing gurus any longer. Plus, those tactics just don't have staying power. Marketing is changing to a more personally connected and authentic connection. Your dream clients want to invest in your work because of how it will help them transform.

My soul's work is helping and guiding mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs. The ones that helped me out of the trenches when I came out and left my marriage and helped heal and guide me to my best life.

Through all my challenges and learning, I realized that the way I wanted to market was changing.

More and more entrepreneurs came to me confused, wasting hundreds and even thousands of dollars with supposed experts that didn’t work. And all that happened was they took their cookie-cutter approach and created a website, or sophisticated high-level sales process, and more.

The tough part was it didn’t resonate with them. They were frustrated, upset, and didn’t like how they were marketing their businesses. It wasn’t a reflection of their mission or values.

This is how Soulful Marketing was born. It’s marketing that’s based on your mission (or purpose), vision, passion, and strengths. (Remember, you outsource your weaknesses!)

Soulful Marketing is about aligning with your mission, purpose, and values. Looking at your deepest desires about why you’re in business and what inspired you to help others. Then and only then, it’s time to look at how you will market your business.

There are so many strategies and ways you can go about marketing your business. It’s not about any one specific tactic. (In fact, my goal is that you won’t ever have to buy any more tactic-driven marketing again!)

And the most important thing is YOU get to decide what works BEST for YOU. Not some guru spouting off what worked for him or her.

And the kicker is your core focus is not about making money! It’s about how you will impact, transform, and change people’s lives for the better. Only then will you make all the money you’re meant to manifest?

When you're struggling and frustrated with sales and connecting with your dream clients, it could be because:

  • There was a DISCONNECT between your mission and vision and what you were selling. Maybe you weren't authentic enough to stand out in your marketing, and your sales suffered because of that.
  • You could be stuck on HOW to get started. Or confused about what your next step is.
  • You're just tired of this inauthentic, personalized marketing that DOESN'T RESONATE with your mission, vision, or values.
  • Maybe you just want something SIMPLE that wouldn't take hours and hours to learn HOW to do.

There's SO MUCH information on the internet about how to market and launch online.  Some of it is good, but a lot of it, in my opinion, is just about of tactics that don't resonate with mindful purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

PLUS, A LOT of it can be VERY CONFUSING and definitely NOT SOULFUL. No one teaches you how to be your authentic self, so people will know, like, and trust you to help them. And all of this stuff online, how much of it is PROVEN and based on REAL Experiences?! 

Even the many courses out there you can buy are STILL VERY CONFUSING…. 

That's when I developed my 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System, which I use with all my clients. After truly helping them make over $15m in sales using this system. If that's of interest, check out - you know what to do. (The link is below.)

And definitely, this is a NO PRESSURE zone. There are no price hikes, or you have to buy it now, or the price will go up, and you lose out, b.s. That btw is NOT Soulful Authentic Marketing. 

FYI - I've worked with my clients using this system to market and launch their marketing and launching online/offline products, coaching services, events, etc. For over 17 years, my clients have started using my system, excelling and creating tons of success in their business. 

Click here for more about the complete 7-Step Soulful Marketing and Launch System. 

The Fine Print

I'm also a former executive from corporate America. My earlier career and experience spans over 20 years in coaching senior executives, international marketing, executive coaching, director of communications, project management, market research, and sales manager. I've worked at several Fortune 500 companies, including Cendant, Random House, McGraw Hill, Simon & Schuster International, and Pearson, plc.


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